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her heart beats red wine, my toxic valentine

date: august 5, 2016 mood: never better

i haven't died or anything. i was just hiding out in florida for two weeks, but now i'm back. my wedding is in a month, my birthday is in 3 days, and i'm enrolling myself back in school. i've also managed to cut very toxic people out of my life & couldn't be happier. you know who you are. no updates yet, but those will be posted over the course of the next few days. as always, comment if you used anything from my site and please give credit! c:

new layout? new layout.

date: june 22, 2016 mood: tired af but accomplished

i managed to complete a layout, coding & all, in under two hours. go me. i'm experiencing internet problems at the moment so updates may be a little slow until this issue is resolved. in the next couple of days, i hope to have my coloring .psds added! also, i added 2 timeline covers and 10 color schemes. not much of an update tonight as it is almost 4am. enjoy xx

grand re-opening...again???

date: june 7, 2016 mood: tiredish and hungry

well, i updated. and got my own domain. so, big update i guess. was too lazy to make a new layout for the grand opening of, and also because i had just put up a new layout 3 days prior to moving sites sooooo...yeah. namecheap was having a sale so i got my domain name for 15 cents lol. one day i'll reclaim, but for now, i'm here. c: i just wanna thank my previous host sandra@parisfalls for hosting my subdomain and getting me back on my siteworld feet. and i wanna thank my new host, holli, who's been one of my friends since i first started my site back in 2008. first thing's first... PREMADE DOMAIN LAYOUTS ARE TEMPORARILY DOWN. while i was transferring everything over to this url, i accidentally deleted the coding for my premade layouts. all...3 of them. so i just decided to start over on them. i also updated the sitemodel cutouts, sign decos, celeb cutout packs, and timeline covers. there will be more updates as the week goes on, hopefully. like i said before, updates will start being a little slow as my wedding date gets closer. (8 weeks away currently). on the brighter side, i picked up my wedding band a few days ago. black diamonds forever.